Welcome to our pages - we're a busy family of four from Brentwood, Essex in the UK. We started home education a few weeks before lockdown with a plan to get them used to it before a trip abroad for 6 months. Things change. We have decided, for various reasons, to continue to homeschool as our new normal. Every day is a new page.


This blog is a record of our family life, our home education journey, our worries and achievements.

We'd love you to get to know us, to be inspired and to follow us, and we'd love to hear your comments!

A bit about us: We have a black and white cat named Peanut. We love West Ham United and country music, especially live - really missing them both right now.

  • I'm your host, Karen, and I love maths, photography and baking and I have an eclectic taste in music. I often get mistaken for being an organised person, but it's more necessary than automatic.

  • Benjamin, Bonzo, is 11. He is a brown belt in karate and plays for Hutton under 11s. He loves football, coding, playing Fortnite and eating breakfast cereal. If he could do them all at the same time he would!

  • Erin, the Small One, is 7 . She loves composing songs and performing, she is an orange belt in karate and was recently signed by Brogan's Talent agency. Her favourite colour is red and her favourite food is cheese.

  • Steve is the remaining quarter of our family. He doesn't blog but we love him all the same.

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