Feb 22: A Day in the Life of 8 and 12

A Day in the Life at Age 8 and 12

We've been home educating for 2 years now. I never thought it would go this far but we really enjoy it. I love the freedom and that they can dip in and out of any project they fancy. They can linger or get absorbed in something or they can drop it and try something else at their own pace.

Now COVID is part of everyday life things are more like we'd hoped they would be at the beginning, we have regular day trips, mostly to London as it's on our doorstep, and they attend several groups including a fabulous forest school.

A day in the life is difficult to pin down since we do so many different things, so I'll look at it across a week:

Every morning we do a bit of "core" work. Some maths, English: reading and writing plus music practice. We've got out of the habit of going for a daily walk first thing in the morning but we're working on re-establishing the habit. The children both put away their clean laundry and make their beds every morning too, before we get dressed. I feel that's a great way to start the day.

Mondays we attend a local swimming class arranged for Home Ed children. It's run like a school class and the children have been enjoying their regular swimming session. I'm a bit rubbish at taking them swimming most of the time so this focusses me. They attend a karate class in the evening.

Tuesdays are our free day so we often take a day trip somewhere. Recently we've been to the National Space Centre in Leicester, we've visited the Tate Modern Gallery in London, the Science Museum, the National History Museum, Duxford Air Museum and we often visit the London Eye and the London Aquarium which are next to each other on the south bank of the river Thames.

Wednesday there's a Home Ed trampoline class then we do some English with a debating class with P4HE, plus a creative writing class with Zoom Writers. I get a good bit of work done while they're in those classes.

Thursday is Homeschool Forest School. They really love that. They go for a full day and come back muddy and smelling like a bonfire. I get lots of hours in on those days.

Friday is another free day and we like to do something local, we go to the library or our local bookshop Chicken and Frog. The small one goes to stage school in the evening and the tall one meets up with his friends.

The types of studying we do depends on our mood. We've done a bit on Space and planets. They love engineering so we've studied hydraulics and pulleys as well as rollercoasters and chain reactions.

We try and read together regularly, though this is something I'm always wanting to find more time to do. We're currently reading Danny the Champion of the World - one of my all-time favourites.

The children seem to enjoy cooking and baking. We did a project where they planned and made a three course meal to cost less than £10. They did amazingly. The small one loves to make cupcakes.

We recently enjoyed watching the Kids Baking Championship which inspired them both to make various bakes including a "fake bake" where the item has to look like a savoury dish but be made from dessert.

They both enjoy digital art and use an app called Procreate to create some clever pieces.

We use Twinkl for maths and CGP books to prompt for science though we dip in and out.