Sep 20: NOT back to school

NOT back to school

So, it's the first week back and we're not going back to school, unlike everyone else we know. This is the first NOT back to school for us. The doorstep photos are popping up on my feed and it's quite a wrench. So we took our own version.

We're carrying on with home education, homeschooling or unschooling, as others call it. There's quite a debate as to what the terminology should be, is it replicating school but at home? or is it education from home? or deliberately doing neither? Personally, I'm not bothered what other people call it. I'm educating my children. They don't go to school any more. We're monitoring it as we go.

I've spent some time over the summer preparing for the new year; organising myself and planning their studying. I'm expecting it all to go to pot after two days, but for now I feel in control and confident which for me is a good place to be. I'm following the National Curriculum in places and I'm looking for areas where both Year 6 and Year 2 cross over.

The children are happy and seem glad that I'm their teacher. They are mostly looking forward to lots of field trips (where possible) and term-time holidays (ditto) but say they are going to miss their friends.

While they were unable to see their friends in recent months it was a little easier for them perhaps, as everyone was in the same boat. But now they know their friends are going back and will be spending time together, the longing has begun again. They both take part in clubs which have started back, football and karate, so hopefully that'll ease their pain.

Our potential trip across the pond is still on the cards so we're waiting for things to pan out.