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Alton Towers

Welcome to Alton towers, the escape of a lifetime.

Begin your adventure in Tower Street where you can meet the A.T.T.P (Alton Towers Traffic Police).

Venture if you dare into X-Sector, the totally fun and safe area.

Arr me harties, take your ship and set sail into Mutiny Bay.

Boooo! Be wary of sneaky ghosts in Gloomy Wood.

Everything is hazardous in Forbidden Valley, except the donuts.

Don’t get dizzy in wonderous Adventure Land!

And don’t forget the little ones in the amazing CBeebies land.

My top 3 favourite rides are Nemesis which is found in Forbidden Valley, Wicker Man which is found in Mutiny Bay, and Pinball Whizzer which is in Adventure Land.

Nemesis is a rollercoaster which has 1 loop, 3 corkscrews and travels at 81 Km/h.

Wicker Man is a rollercoaster like Nemesis, but it is extremely fast and has lots of sharp turns and it goes at 70 Km/h.

Pinball Whizzer is also a rollercoaster which spins you round and round in your carriage, you also go vertical, and you go at 60 Km/h.

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