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But I'm not a teacher

Updated: Feb 19

I know you don't have to be a teacher to home educate. I know you don't have to follow the national curriculum and I know I'd make a good homeschool environment. But. My kids enjoy school. They like the teachers who inspire them. They like being in choirs and going to assemblies and on school trips.

My son came home with a friend on Friday and the sat reading The Week Junior magazine together (fantastic publication by the way). They were discussing the articles and reminiscing about things they've done in class and things the teacher said. I felt a twinge of doubt about the idea of homeschooling because of this.

Who am I to question the "way of things"? Teachers have been trained to do what they do.

I need to remind myself of the point of it. The issue is the system not the school. The days they spend doing quite a lot of nothing. The lack of challenge. One school trip per year. The distractions of the less able and more disruptive members of the class. Being told off for bringing in the wrong snack. The teachers have been trained in how to manage 30 children at once.

I've spent this morning helping the small one by reinforcing her Year 1 topic of dinosaurs. We've looked at the Natural History Museum website and done a fun quiz to find out what kind of dinosaur we are. She's an Archaeopteryx. We're writing an A-Z of dinosaurs and using their pages to help.

Then she decided to make a video for a tv advert for her pretend website and did some art and craft of her design to promote it.

Is doing this kind of thing on a Sunday enough to enhance her learning? I don't feel it is, but if I take away school completely will I be able to push her on or will I be actually removing a perfectly good learning opportunity for her?

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