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Cup match

Sunday 26 January 2020.

I played my 1st cup match for my team which my dad coaches. We won one nil in extra time which was about to go to penalties, then all of my team, except for me, stupidly took their shirt off and started waving around. The person who scored definitely needs to learn how to change their shirt properly because they kicked off before he could even put his shirt back on.

I got man of the match for that game, which was my second man of the match in three games which I could say was pretty cool. My favourite save was where they were attacking and I put my hand out with cat like reactions and saved it from going in my own goal.

This was our first season and our first tournament so I can say we’ve done pretty well. In December we got promoted even though we only started in September.

Our normal lineup is 2-3-1 because in under 10s you have seven-a-side but next season which is under 11s you have nine-a-side, offside and bigger goals.

I also did scratch which is a coding game, where I designed two dinosaurs, one was a T-rex

and the other one was a triceratops. The T-Rex was way bigger than the triceratops and he asked him to race him but he had a shrinking potion so they could be the same size. I got them to go to a football pitch and have a race, then the triceratops wins and the T-Rex rages because of it.

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