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First week of home school

Week starting 23rd February

This is the first time me and Erin are doing a blog together. This week is the first week of homeschooling we had a great time. Our favourite day was Thursday( that’s our adventure day) where we went to the museum. It was so fun, I loved it!

We took a photo with Andy‘s clock. Andy is Andy’s dinosaur adventure from CBeebies.

At the museum, we saw a moving dinosaur and a ginormous blue whale. The dinosaur that we saw that was moving was a T-Rex.

On Tuesday we went to 2 different clubs. One was book-club and the other one was art club. The artist we were doing in art club was Jasper Jones. We did splodges and then cut out our first letter of our name and then stuck it on to the paper. Then we put some darker paint around it and then peeled on name off and it looks like a perfect shape where we did splodges.

At bookclub we started building a new book called the hiland Falcon thief which so far is really good. Thank you for meeting and over and out.

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