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Getting the hang of it

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Week two done and we're getting the hang of it. We're feeling chilled, getting on with each other and at the same time we're all learning something.

It was world book week this week so we worked on that theme. They've been reading a lot of Roald Dahl recently so I suggested they did something on that. They came up with a Lego idea and together they created a Lego construction which featured scenes from various Roald Dahl stories. It took them most of the day. I was impressed at how well they worked together. Here's them describing their creation:

On Tuesday they created a video for World Book Day using iMovie and their favourite books and dressing up as a variety of characters. They came up with the whole thing themselves while hubby and I were working. Here's the finished product:

On Wednesday we went for a walk to the woods armed with clipboards and a tally sheet. They counted various objects and when we got back they created bar charts to display their results. They have plans to return to the same spot in the woods and build an elaborate den. Personally, I'm looking forward to watching the woods change with the seasons.

On Thursday, World Book Day 2020 they dressed up as Charlie Bucket from Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Harmony Parker from Dick King-Smith's The Queen's Nose.

We all went for a trip to the Science Museum. We booked tickets for Wonderlab (for which we bought Annual Passes which were only £2 more than for a single entry). Apparently we could have got in for free being Home Educated but that would involve phoning to book every time (shudder). It turned out to be a great investment because we pretty much stayed all day in Wonderlab and we'll most definitely be going again. We loved the Rocket Show (loud noises!) and we now know Newton's Laws thanks to The Small One being a human rocket on wheels.

On Friday we reflected on the week with a visit to our local library and then a relax in Costa while they drew storyboards of their week:

It was rewarding to get a positive comment from a lady in Costa. She made a point of telling me that it was nice to see children colouring rather than being on screens. I'm not sure she realised it was also 11:30 on a school day.

I had my laptop with me and got a bit of work done but I was also able to use it to find a quick "how to draw a tunnel" for BatBen and to look up the name of a tree for The Small One, which was handy and proved they were engaged and asking questions.

Later we did a water cycle craft with paper plates which shows evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

We'd been talking abut the weather so I googled this clever, catchy and slightly annoying song: The Water Cycle Song . The craft helped consolidate our learning but it has intensified the ear-worm. You're welcome.

In general, I feel that we're more relaxed. I'm not missing the stress of getting them out and ready for school on time every day. We're getting into a routine of sorts and are enjoying learning and teaching. I'm finding Facebook groups very useful for tips, resources and outings.

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