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Great Fire of London

Our current topic is the Great Fire of London. Bonzo already studied it when he was in Year 2 so the aim was to engage him in a different way, rather than to just recall the facts, while teaching it all afresh to the Small One.

We went to visit the Museum of London and then walked to the Monument, tracing the path of the fire to its origin.

Here's the list of activities I came up with (mostly from Twinkl), and some of their work:

The Great Fire of London Activities

1: Research and make a fact file about one of the following people:

· Thomas Farriner

· Samuel Pepys

· King Charles II

· Sir Christopher Wren

cristopher wren
Download PPTX • 300KB

The Great Fire Of London power point
Download PPT • 2.53MB

2: Compare how fires were tackled in 1666 with fire-fighting today. Write a list of your findings.

3: Imagine you are Samuel Pepys and write an extract for his diary.


Thinking about your senses, write a poem or story about the Great Fire of London

4: Create a short play or freeze frames about the Great Fire of London, take it in turns to be different people


Create a Finger Puppet/Lolly Stick puppet show using different characters

5: Create a picture of the Great Fire of London using black silhouettes and r red/orange/yellow paint or tissue.

Y6 extra task:

Use the Internet to research the Great Fire of Edinburgh in 1824. Make notes AND use a Venn Diagram to show the similarities and differences.

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