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Happy Home Ed birthday!

One Year!

We couldn't have known how the Home Ed would pan out for us but we made the best of it and we are all absolutely loving it. Things may change and if anything, 2020 has proved that, but right now it feels like Home Education was the best decision we could have made.

We have celebrated our one year anniversary with a week "off" (no work for me or hubby) and games, chilling and a party. We did party food, wore party hats and made cupcakes.

We've been working on the Too Cool For School Pawprint Badge which gives lots of suggestions for typically non-school type activities. We have ticked off lots over the year such as: Camping in the garden, baking, watching a movie, chalking on the pavement, making sandwiches, reading under a blanket, changing light bulbs and going to the zoo.

Facebook HE groups have been invaluable, if sometimes a little overwhelming, with ideas and resources as well as support groups. Thank you all.

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