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Holiday in Scotland

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

On the Friday before half term, I went on a trip to Scotland and it was a two part journey .We had to drive up to around Manchester on the Friday night to sleep at a hotel, then carry on the journey the next day. It was a long drive. We had lots of things to do on the way there. I could read loads of books on the kindle. Kindle is like an iPad but it doesn’t have the screen in front of you so it’s less bad for your eyes, I use it when I’m trying to get to sleep because it’s quite small. there is one type of kindle where you can turn the light on it so you can see it in the dark.

When we got to scotland was snow all the way there and on the Sunday it was just like a rest day where we just rested up from the long, long drive.

On the Monday we went on a boat across Loch Ness, I thought I saw Nessie but my sister with her binoculars saw it was just a green cone with a sort of head on it, maybe it was just a trick. After Loch Ness we went to a small pub in the town and there were actually musicians there and there will be a video of it below.

On the Tuesday I had a snowball fight with my sister and we had Three minutes to get as much snowballs as they can and I positioned my all down and when it was and when we are both finished Erin my sister came came over and started stomping on all of my snowballs. So I went over and kicks hers but she had a ginormous mountain full so I couldn’t it that much over. I just went away but then when I was picking up some, my sister went and hit a snowball at my butt and then when she was running away, I threw a snowball and it hit her in the head when she was running. I had loads of snow in my welly boots and I mean loads.

On the Wednesday we went to a viaduct which was used for the Harry Potter films. When we looked at it underneath we saw that it did turned all the way round and it was the first time that they used cement for anything. So it was very brave for them to use it on a ginormous viaduct.

On the Thursday it was supposed to be heavy snow so we stayed in. But there was barely any snow. We were going to go out somewhere but because it said heavy snow we just stayed in our PJ‘s and did nothing. But in the evening we snuggled round and watch A movie together with popcorn. The movie was really good. It was called the journey 2.

On the Friday we went to a place called Culloden where there was a huge battle between the Jacobites and the English. Jacobites were the Scottish and obviously English was the English. When we went there it was amazingly blowy and my sister nearly fell over!

On the Saturday we went and saw Hadrian‘s wall that was built more than 2000 years ago. I actually stood on top of it and I went from England to Scotland from England to Scotland etc. when I stood on either side of the wall.

On the Sunday I burnt my hand because someone put a mug full of hot water on the side I thought it was a clear mug so when I picked it up it’s sploshed and then It was hot so I spilled it and it went over my ring finger and my middle finger. It hurt a lot. Then the waitress, for being so brave, gave me some chocolate eggs and gave Erin four packets of Haribo, but because I didn’t like it, I gave it to Erin.

Thank you for looking at this blog so see you next time, bye.

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