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Home Ed mum personality type

I came across an article today from Psychology Junkie, signposted from a great blog I subscribe to.

It defines what kind of home school mum you might be based on your Myers-Briggs profile and man, it makes sense to me!

I do love a personality test. I'm fascinated by the details and intricacies of people's personalities. I've done the Myers-Briggs a couple of times before and I'm ENTJ and definitely very J. I do love a list.

Personally I don't consider myself naturally organised (although my friends think I am), but I don't function well when I don't lay it all out and make a bit of a plan. If I overthink (by if, read when) then I make a list and it gets things out of my swimming brain, which insists everything is all too much, and sorted out straight on paper, where it all looks possible again.

I like the idea that I can understand myself better when I know a bit more about WHY I react a certain way or WHY I feel overwhelmed at times or WHY I love a schedule! I need to learn from this.

The blog I follow is Simple Homeschool. There are so many to choose from and when I began home education research I clicked on a lot of links and signed up for all sorts of things and the inbox quickly filled up. Many got unsubscribed but this one still feels like a crucial support line.

Oddly, while the blog is about being an introverted mom, I'm not one of those, but maybe I appreciate their personality approach to homeschooling. Thank you Jamie.

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