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I'm really looking forward to Home Educating. We start next week. Half term holidays out of the way then we're officially off school.

I've been researching the sh*t out of this. I've found that Facebook is great for groups and lots of people asking questions and giving really useful answers. There are many people, communities I guess, who all want to support each other. Start with the national one then narrow it down to local areas or specific topics. There are Home Ed Camps, groups for free printables, age specific groups and area specific. Have a search.

I'm a bit of a spreadsheet geek so I've got lists of lists. I've created lists of resources, subscriptions, topic ideas and timetables to suit us. I don't plan to stick to it all, but it'll get us started.

I plan to stick with the National Curriculum to start with, our school posts a good breakdown so I'll use that. That way we can go back to school when or if we want to but I'll also leave things fairly open so that the children can study in their own way. I'm making notes of resources and ideas but not over-planning.

Resources I've found so far:

BBC Bitesize - FREE and comes well recommended on the FB groups.

Twinkl - some things are free, otherwise it's £4.49 per month for the basic package. I've been using this for quite a while already and I find it very useful. Lots of printouts, templates and worksheets to download on pretty much every topic.

Math-salamander - FREE - this is a US site but the maths (note the 's' firmly in place!) is the same. This is most useful for generated worksheets. Again, I've been using this for a while to generate practice questions. You use a drop-down to choose the level and the number of questions, so it suits all levels.

IXL - this is for maths and English. We've not used it much so far, but it comes highly recommended by the home ed community. I like the look of it so far, so I'll let you know how it goes. I've paid £14.99 as a monthly fee which covers two children for both subjects but it's cheaper for individual children per subject. If we use it regularly it will work out cheaper to sign up for a year. There are discounts available if you look around.

Education Quizzes - there's an option to play a few questions every day for free but it's £9.99 per month or £49.99 for a year for full access. These quizzes and games are great fun there are so many on lots of topics with good descriptions and explanations. So far the children like the games as they like seeing themselves climb the leaderboards.

In order to keep costs down I think I'm unlikely to continue to use both IXL and Education Quizzes. However, to put it in perspective, which I did in a spreadsheet, comparing with the cost of going to a one hour weekly art class at £5 per child per week, the quiz site works out at £2.50 per week and they can spend as long as they like on there. Again, I'll wait and see if we use it before I sign up for the year.

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