• Ben

how to win a fortnite match

First you need to land.

To get lots of early elims go to pleasant park, zero point or salty towers.

To get lots of loot at the start land at craggy cliffs steamy stacks and colossal Colosseum.

After you have landed you should be looking for any type of assault rifle which is medium range, any type of shotgun/smg which is short range and any type of sniper which is long range.

To heal up, you need minis which heal 25 shields but they don’t heal up past 50 shields and medkits which heals all your HP.

this is my opinion of good weapons a assault rifle, a tactical shotgun and the Mando's sniper.

Then you need to get to the storm circle the quickest way to get to circle is a car, but it is the noisiest. The quietest way is crouching but that is the slowest. I think the best way to get there is to swim down the streams but if the stream current is going the opposite direction just walk. But if there is sand, stand still and you will become sand and you will also go fast.

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