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It's done. We're home edders

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

We're officially homeschooling now, well, from next week. The letter has gone in and everyone is being really positive so far. Teachers, friends, classmates and family are all saying supportive things and we're feeling excited. Raring to go.

The more I've researched the subject (and wow, have I done my research!) the more I feel confident that I can provide what they need. I've also found that the more I've learned and the more I've discussed it, the more I feel that school, in the conventional sense, really is just that, convention. That it's the means to provide the masses with prescribed learning. That for many it's just a system you have to go through without question, or even just a childcare service. Most people don't have a choice, or don't know there is one, and it's fine for most people which is why it's done that way. But we've decided we want something different for ours. I have the opportunity right now and I have the capability so I'm going for it.

I've not burned any bridges with their school so if this doesn't work we can always go back - I hope.

The children are understandably a bit sad. They get it, we've explained what we're doing and why but they're going to miss their friends. I'm anxious I suppose that while there'll be plenty of play-dates, that they won't be getting the same interactions they had at school. My intention, not a naive one I hope, is that I can fill some of the time they used to spend waiting for classmates to be ready to learn, with valuable learning.

I was inspired by the Lights On campaign which talks about switching them on to learning by letting them pursue their passions. The talk was the final piece of the puzzle for me that pulled it all together and decided it for me.

My main anxieties are, fairly obviously, that the children won't like it and we'll get bored of each other and less obviously, that I'll mess it all up and have to eat humble pie in front of all my friends and family. But I suppose that could happen at any time with anything! Ha!

Wish me luck!

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