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Leaving school

Friday 14th of February

Today I was emotional because I was leaving school. I was in this school for 5 1/2 years and it was hard to leave. I got some gifts for and from the closest people that I know.

My teacher performed a bicarbonate of soda and vinegar experiment where it all bubbled up in the bottle and he said it was for me which was pretty good. Some of my friends were sad, but I’ve arranged for me and my best friend to go and watch a movie after we get back from our holiday. We have been best friends ever since foundation, which was good because I saw that she liked West Ham, which is the team I support, so then we just found each other.

In the morning I played basketball and my best friend goes there as well and she gave me her gift and I gave her mine. Mine was a torch with her name on it and she gave me a miniature figure of a fortnight character and said if we bought some more we could have mini figure battles.

I wanted to stay but I also wanted to go at the same time because I get to see the world if I went but I would really miss my friends. We’re going to have "friends over Friday" which would be cool and I can I have a maximum of three friends coming over on the Friday of that week if I’ve been good.

My best friend now is also on a holiday skiing. It’s 14 hours drive away which is quite a long way. I’ve never been skiing because I’ve never been on top of a mountain but she gets to go to ski school every day and that is cool. It is really cool, but I’m going to Scotland and that’s also going to be cool as we get to go and see Loch Ness and Fort William and the place where the Hogwarts train went, Glenfinnan viaduct, which I think is going to be amazing, absolutely amazing.

When I left school some of the people were crying that I was leaving and I feel like that’s just amazing that people care about me that much to feel really emotional that I’m leaving. I still have my chat group which is good and I have my best friends' email addresses and I just can’t wait to see them again soon.

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