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Time Travel badge

The time travel badge is one of the paw print badges in the pack where you have to learn about different points in history. Like the enigma machine which we learned about in the science museum.

Also in the same exhibition you can find the analytical engine made by Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace which was one of the first types of computer. There was also one of the first types of national lottery machines and some models of radar towers.

When we went to home education living history day at Kentwell Hall we saw some of the WWII home guard, some bronze age people and some punk rockers. When we went to Duxford air museum we saw some iconic planes like the Memphis bell and we even saw a spitfire flying. We also went to Walton-on-the-Naze which is a the second best fossil hunting beach in the UK (second to Mary Anning's Lyme Regis.) Where we found some fossilised wood, 2.5 million year old shells and a potentially 250 million years old fish vertebra. We will soon be going to the natural history museum and the imperial war museum

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