• Erin

Zoom Call

(Stella joins)I will just make myself host

(Erin joins)Hi Stella

Stella: Erin you're on mute

Erin: Opps sorry hi Stella

(Ben joins) Guys I am running out of batt

(Ben leaves)

(Ben joins) Sorry about that guys I ran out of battery

Stella: I will just wait for the others to join

Erin: Stella you are a bit glitchy

Ben: Yeah

(Rowan joins) Oh hay Ben

Ben: Hi Rowan

Rowan: Ben you're a bit blue

Ben: Sorry I might have been playing with the screen effects

Stella: (Sigh)

(Jill Joins)Hi guys

All: Hi Jill

Stella: are you the last to join or we have got a few more

(Dantomatha Joins) Hi everyone

Stella: Now guys I think we are running out of time I will see you later and remember

Five seconds left

Stella continues: that what ever happens log back i


Everyone Comes Back in

Stella: Phew We're All Back In Now


Stella: (Sigh)

Ben: You Are On Mute

Jill: Sorry

Stella: Come on lets Play the game I will Read The Instructions:


First Choose Your 2 people to play. The 2 people will whisper or chat to each other and make a riddle then other people guess or you can act like Charades Play Fairly Hope You Enjoy The Game!

Stella: Great Lets Play! Erin, Ben You Go First

Erin And Ben: Ok!

Ben: So Erin Chat To Me

Erin: Ok Lets go

Chat: Ben: Erin Lets Do A riddle

Erin: Ok What Riddle?

Ben: Erm I do not know?

Erin: What About: What Is White And Black And Read All Over I bet No one Will Guess that one!

Ben: What Is The Answer Any Way?

Erin: A newspaper!

Ben: Ohhhh!

Erin: Great Lets Tell the others!

Erin: We Have Got It!

Stella: Great You Sure?

Ben: Yes!

All: Go On Then!

Erin: What Is White And Black But Read All Over?

All: Erm WHAT?

Ben: A news Paper

All: Ohhhh


(Everyone Joins)

Jill: What Happened?

Erin: We Did Not Run Out Of Time Or Anything

Ben: I do not know?

Stella: Sorry I Ran Out Of Battery And I Was Going To Say So But I Had All Ready Run Out

Rowan: Me Two But... I will Have To Go Now😭😿😥

All: Bye Rowan

Erin: See You Rowan!

Rowan: Bye Erin! Bye Everyone!

Stella: Have To Go To!

All: Bye Bye Bye!!!


Thank You For Reading

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